Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Patea Ready

Click on the photos for a larger view. When I posted the Patea tent photographs (below) the other day it got me thinking about Patea. This photo above was in my second book Just a Word... 1996. The old public loos in Patea which don't exist any longer. But the photo below is interesting as well. For years the letters MIX had fallen of the READYMIX sign as you entered Patea. I used to chuckle (especially after the freezing works closed) what a great sign for a town.
Patea Ready (1991) almost became the title of a book of NZ landscapes I planned to publish. I may still do it it in the future. I wonder how many other people saw the irony of the town's welcome sign. Too late! the sign has been fixed. Patea is a great place to stop when travelling to New Plymouth. I always turn left and go to the river mouth. An ever changing place and the west coast light is magic. I'll gather some of the river mouth photographs soon.

I was in Patea recently with my good mate and fine photographer David Fairey (New Plymouth). We stopped and saw this tent. Technically he found the image first but being the plagiariser I am I also took a photograph. The truth is he was standing his ground when a neighbour confronted us. "How dare you take photographs in our street". People are so hung up about privacy these days, yet they still look at picture books!

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  1. Patea is a great place to stop when travelling , simple superb