Friday, August 21, 2009


Click on the photos for a larger view Mrs Walker's hands. New Plymouth 1973. I have hundreds of photos of people's hands. This is an early one. I don't remember much about Mrs Walker but I do remember she had a huge collection of dolls. They are behind her in a portrait I also made.

I remember meeting this lady in Inglewood, Taranaki 1981. She said she was a gum diggers wife in about 1910. Her hands were always wet from washing gum and were wrinkled as a young woman.
I found this lady in a cafe in Wellington this year while having a coffee with John Fields (exhibited at PhotoSpace recently with beautiful work from the 1960/70s). I wanted to do a portrait of the lady but was drawn to her hands. She was a regular in the cafe and I took a picture back to her.

These are the hands of John Bain a retired film maker of Wellington. He is now in his 80s and gets around in a wheel chair. He often makes the trip (on his own) to the movies. He travels across Porirua, under the motorway and watches every film he can.

Last weekend I visited Betty Wilson who was well known in the PhotoForum scene perhaps 20 years ago.

She has very poetic hands.

After some time I knew I had the picture I wanted.


  1. Last summer I went to my granny, these pics reminds me of her

  2. I Love these photographs, they remind me so much of my own grandmothers hands and how overworked and old they are.